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New York Raiders/New York Golden Blades/Jersey Knights/San Diego Mariners

Perhaps the league's most nomadic franchise began play in 1972-1973 as the New York Raiders. Playing in front of sparse crowds at Madison Square Garden, the Raiders struggled on and off the ice and were eventually forced into receivership in the latter half of the season. The league-run team would finish at the bottom of the Eastern Division standings.

The following year, under new ownership, rebranded as the New York Golden Blades, the team had no more success than they had the previous season and the league was forced to step in for the second consecutive year. This time, they relocated the team to a small rink in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and operated the club as the Jersey Knights for the remainder of the season. As before, the Golden Blades/Knights again finished at the bottom of the Eastern Division standings.

Another new owner was found and the club moved across the continent to San Diego, where they would be known as the Mariners. They had more success on the ice and made the playoffs for each of the next three seasons, but financial problems still plagued the franchise. The team finished the 1975-1976 season without having been paid for months, but another new owner was found to keep the team operating in 1976-1977. That year, the Mariners pushed the defending champion Winnipeg Jets to a seventh and deciding game in the first round of the playoffs before bowing out.

After another ownership change, the Mariners officially disbanded following five turbulent seasons off the ice.
Season Team GP W L T Pts Pct. GF GA Finish
1972-1973 New York Raiders 78 33 43 2 68 0.436 303 334 6th place, Eastern Division
1973-1974 New York Golden Blades/Jersey Knights 78 32 42 4 68 0.436 268 313 6th place, Eastern Division
1974-1975 San Diego Mariners 78 43 31 4 90 0.577 326 268 2nd place, Western Division
1975-1976 San Diego Mariners 80 36 38 6 78 0.487 303 290 3rd place, Western Division
1976-1977 San Diego Mariners 81 40 37 4 84 0.519 284 283 3rd place, Western Division
Totals   395 184 191 20 388 0.491 1484 1488  
All-Time Franchise Records

Games Played

Player GP
Norm Ferguson365
Wayne Rivers357
Andre Lacroix317
Kevin Morrison311
Gene Peacosh292


Player G
Wayne Rivers158
Norm Ferguson155
Gene Peacosh138
Andre Lacroix133
Kevin Morrison74


Player A
Andre Lacroix340
Kevin Morrison177
Wayne Rivers176
Norm Ferguson163
Gene Peacosh135


Player Pts
Andre Lacroix473
Wayne Rivers334
Norm Ferguson318
Gene Peacosh273
Kevin Morrison251

Penalty Minutes

Player PIM
Kevin Morrison399
Craig Reichmuth299
Ted Scharf273
Kevin Devine264
Andre Lacroix238

Games Played - Goaltender

Player GP
Ernie Wakely148
Joe Junkin69
Gary Kurt56
Russ Gillow53
Peter Donnelly47


Player W
Ernie Wakely77
Joe Junkin27
Peter Donnelly22
Gary Kurt18
Ken Lockett18


Player SO
Ernie Wakely8
Ian Wilkie3
Peter Donnelly2
Joe Junkin2
Ken Lockett1
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