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WHA Hall of Fame Jerseys & T-shirts
support the ongoing mission of the WHA HOF


The WHA Hall of Fame and 503 Sports apparel are partnering to provide affordable, accurate 1970s WHA jersey reproductions at a reasonable price. Our goal is to balance the best degree of accuracy possible by current methods with low cost to the fan. Our jerseys are made by hand, one by one, as they are ordered.

Others make less expensive, low quality jerseys or very expensive reproductions outside the reach of most fans. We are creating an affordable middle ground: Our jerseys use quality material, expert stitching, detailed tackle & twill team crests, multi-color numbers and name customization -- and they include a fight strap.

The WHA HOF oversees production to help make them as accurate as possible.

While some small details from the original 1970s game jerseys are not able to be replicated by current methods at this price -- the original Dureen material is not available, for instance -- we are providing what we believe are the best-looking, most affordable WHA jerseys possible for under $100.

We also will have a new selection of WHA Hall of Fame team T-shirts available from 503 Sports!

Thank you for your support as we continue our work to preserve and share the era of the 1972-1979 World Hockey Association.

We will add new WHA Hall of Fame team jerseys as they become available, so check back often!

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